Bow making

State vocational school programme

Programme objective and career prospects

The state vocational school teaches practical training as well as theoretical knowledge in the areas of modern and historical bow making. This education is meant to accompany and complement the everyday training which the apprentice recieves in his or her workshop. The journeyman exam in bow making takes place at the end of the dual training programme. The exam is held by the Chamber of Crafts. Bow making journeymen either work as employees in bow making workshops or become self-employed. They also qualify for taking the master craftsman exam as well as achieving an instrument making diploma.

Programme structure

The standard programme is 3 years, of which 32 weeks are classes at school divided into two blocks per year. The remaining time is spent in workshops as apprentices. Entry requirement: the apprentices’ workshop must register him or her annually before September 10th. After this date, the school will accept no more registrations. It is not possible to register for, or cancel specific educational blocks. There ist no tuition fee.

Practical training

Competent handling of tools, basic woodworking skills. Instruction in the use of woodworking machinery.

Trade-related education

In-depth bow making theory, technical drawing, mathematics, physics/acoustics, specialized english, technical drawing using CAD.

General education

Art, art history, music theory, music history, German, social studies.

The intermediate exam takes place after the fourth vocational school block. The sixth period ends with the final vocational school exam.