School management

Dr. Frederik Habel - Musical Instrument Making School
Dr. Frederik Habel
School headmaster
Richard Stelz - Musical Instrument Making School
Richard Stelz, OStR
Co-worker school management

Heads of departments

Ulrike Rempel - Musical Instrument Making School
Ulrike Rempel
Violin making
Hubert Neumüller - Musical Instrument Making School
Hubert Neumüller
Plucked instrument
Marcel Endres - Musical Instrument Making School
Marcel Endres
Woodwind instrument
Karl Grasegger - Musical Instrument Making School
Karl Grasegger
Brass instrument
Ulrich Seifert - Musical Instrument Making School
Ulrich Seifert
Brass instrument

Teaching staff

Teaching staff instrument making school Mittenwald
Ulrike Rempel Violin making and repairs
Bettina Weichselbaumer Violin making
Matteo Compagna Violin making
Hans Joachim Weber Violin making
Christina Holaus Violin and bow making
Heike Cockill Violin making
Franz Zunterer Violin making
Miguel Simarro Grande Bowed instrument playing instruction
Marcel Endres Woodwind instrument making
Martin Wurm Woodwind instrument making
Markus Fromm Woodwind instrument playing instruction
Karl Grasegger Brass instrument making
Korbinian Saller Brass instrument making
Ludwig Karlstetter Brass instrument making
Paul Brugger Brass instrument playing instruction
Hubert Neumüller Plucked instrument making
Thassilo Meyer Plucked instrument making
Andreas Mertens Plucked instrument making
Caroline Fritz Plucked instrument playing instruction
Richard Stelz Acoustics/Physics, General education
(all departments)
Veronika Streidl Art, Art History
(all departments)
Joachim Weber Specialized English
(all departments)
Dr. Frederik Habel Business planning and marketing
(all departments)

Liaison teacher and educational psychologist

Liaison teacher and educational psychologist Instrument making school Mittenwald
Richard Stelz Liaison teacher
Heinz Geiger Educational psychologist