Full-time vocational school - Application

The application for a training place at the Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Musikinstrumentenbau Mittenwald is not time-bound. A portfolio with complete application documents must be submitted (no online application). The last application date for the aptitude test is 28 February each year. Applicants with incomplete application documents will not be considered in the admission procedure. Please take into account the sometimes long lead times for verification documents when compiling your application documents in due time.

The documents submitted must be kept at the school for two years and can then be returned on request. If the applicant does not request the return of the documents during the following school year, the documents will be disposed of in accordance with data protection law.

Application documents

  • Full-time Vocational School application, fully completed forms with original signature
  • Letter in the German language explaining the reasons for the application
  • Personal Data Sheet in the German language with a description of the musical curriculum vitae togehter with a biometric photo
  • Diploma of the latest attended school, certified copy (secondary school or tertiary education), foreign language certificates with certified german language translation included. Applicants who still have to complete the graduation of the secondary school should submit the latest half year term certificate. After successful completion of the suitability test, the acceptance in the vocational school can only occur once the minimum required highschool diploma is submitted by the end of July latest.
  • Proof of instrumental playing capabilities of at least two years of regular musical instrument instruction related to the chosen programme (bowed, plucked, woodwind or brass instrument) or submission of an attestation of a public musical education institution, of a music teacher of a general-educational school or of a private music teacher, that confirms that the technical and musical knowledge for the minimum equates to the same level as with at least two years of regular musical instrument instruction.
  • Proof of language competence: Certificate of the successful examination (confirmation of participation in a course is not sufficient!) of level B2 of the Goethe-Institute for applicants whose mother tongue is not German, or confirmation from a state educational institution that the education level of the applicant corresponds with the qualification B2 of the Goethe Institute.

Applicants with incomplete application documents will not be recognised in the enrollment process.