Full-time vocational school - Application

There is no time limit for applications to the vocational school. Applicants must send a folder with the complete application documents (no online application). The yearly application deadline for the suitability test is February 28th.

The submitted documents will be stored at the school for two years, after which they may be sent back upon request. A stamped envelope must be included for a return.

Based on their grade point average and the marks they get for the drawings that they have sent with their applications, 45 of the violin making applicants, 15 of the plucked instrument making applicants, 15 of the woodwind instrument making applicants and 15 of the brass instrument making applicants will be selected according to their qualifications and invited to attend the suitability test. The admission order is determined by the average of school marks and the assessment of the submitted drawings.

Applicants who receive an invitation letter for the suitability test will also receive a preparatory assignment which they have to complete by the date of the suitability test.

Application documents

  • Letter in German language explaining why one is applying
  • Fully completed application forms with original signature
  • Curriculum vitae in German language with photograph
  • School marks, attested copy (secondary or high school), foreign language documents must include an attested translation, mark system explanation and grade point average
  • Proof of at least two years of regular musical instrument instruction related to the chosen programme (bowed, plucked, woodwind or brass instrument) with a description of the acquired technical and musical repertoire
  • Free-handed drawings (DIN A4), free choice of perspectives and scale
    • Violin making: violin scroll in two views
    • Plucked instrument making: guitar head and bridge in two views
    • Woodwind instrument making: A flute without the keys viewed from two different perspectives
    • Brass instrument making: brass instrument in two views without mechanism
    All drawings must be hand drawn (no CAD allowed). A written attestation must be included confirming that the drawings were independently made.
  • Medical certificate (not older than 6 months), which includes the following information:
    • General certificate of good health which confirms unconditional prerequisites or stipulates existing handicaps.
    • Confirmation of an unconditional good vision or includes a stipulation how an existing handicap can be neutralized by suitable aides.
    • Confirmation of an unconditional good hearing or a stipulation how an existing handicap can be neutralized by suitable aides.
  • Police certificate of good conduct (not older than 6 months)
  • Confirmation of level B2 of the Goethe-Institute for applicants whose mother tongue is not German or confirmation from a state educational institution that the education level of the applicant corresponds with the qualification B2 of the Goethe Institute.

Incomplete application documents will not be recognised in the enrollment process.