Full-time vocational school - Suitability test

Next date of examination: April 3 to 4, 2020

The two-day suitability test takes place once every year. The programme then starts the following September.

A total of 100 points can be achieved on the suitability test: practical part maximum 60 points, drawing maximum 20 points, audition maximum 10 points, interview maximum 10 points. The board of examiners is responsible for evaluating the test results, which are documented on paper. Applicants reaching less than half the possible points in the artisan test section will not be considered for the ranking list.

Acceptance to the programme of choice is based on the test results. In the case of even scores, the results of the practical test will weigh more heavily in ranking applicants.

Up to 12 violin makers, 4 plucked instrument makers, 4 wood wind instrument makers and 4 brass wind instrument makers are admitted per school year. The actual number depends on the number of full-time vocational school vacancies available.

Suitability test parts

  • Interview
  • Practical part (working test)
  • Drawing (no previous knowledge required)
  • Audition on the bowed, plucked, woodwind or brass instrument which one has been taught (please bring your own instrument). Only acoustic instruments are allowed.
    • Part I: Piece of choice. The applicant should choose a piece of music (or movement there of) which represents his or her current level of playing.
    • Part II: Instrumental test (Applicants are expected to read music (in treble clef respectively bass clef, no tablature!)
      Bowed instruments: Playing of scales, triads or other one-part tone sequences in various keys and of a range of two octaves.
      Plucked instruments: Sight-reading of an easy melody.
      Woodwind instruments: Sight-reading of an easy melody.
      Brass instruments: Sight-reading of an easy melody.