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Synthesis of theory and praxis

Musical instruments are complex constructed tonal sound bodies that have had a very long historical development process to reach a very high level of optimization. Since many centuries instrument makers use their experience and fine sensitivity to improve the quality of musical instruments. The finer artisan techniques of musical instrument making are conveyed during the vocational training by experienced and specialized teachers and artisans.

The traditional methods of hand craftsmanship can today easily be followed by modern physical methods. In the focal point of interest is the question of how the sound of an instrument is linked to its construction characteristics. Scientifically based studies of acoustics together with the way the instruments function, the mechanism of sound reproduction as well as the psycho acoustic realities of perception by the listener are becoming increasingly significant. These factors enable the musical instrument maker to have a more profound understanding of the complicated relation between the input of materials, construction techniques and sound and through this a secure interaction with many of the relevant parameters of instrument making.