Full-time vocational school - Vocational education

The vocational school transfers practical skills as well as extensive theoretical knowledge of the fields of modern and historical instrument making, their repair and restoration. The trainees learn to work on a very high artisan level and are then equipped to master the conception and new construction of high quality musical instruments as well as the detailed repair and restoration techniques.

To live up to the complex demands of modern instrument making, the ultimate goal of the vocational training is besides the acquisition of the artisan skills also the synergetic combination of practical, theoretical and general knowledge that equips the trainees in all subject fields.
The training programme builds on the regional traditions of instrument making and integrates national and international experience.

In order to practice the profession of instrument making, excellent craftsmanship, artistic talent, good eyesight and listening capability, patience and perseverance are absolutely essential. In order to evaluate an instrument, the musical instrument maker must be able to play the instrument himself/herself.