State vocational school - Graduation and future prospects

The vocational school graduation

The training as musical instrument maker culminates, in the specialized fields of violin making, bow making, plucked instrument making, metal- and wood instrument making with the final exams of the state vocational school and at the same time with the artisan test by the chamber of hand craftwork.

Career perspectives

The graduates of the state vocational school are employed as assistants in musical instrument workshops in their specialized fields or in the relevant departments of specialist music stores, or as self-employed musical instrument makers or repairers or restorers.

Future perspectives

Graduates of all specialized fields are free to continue with their achieved certificate of apprenticeship to finish their training and suitability test as master craftsman or woman. Violin makers and plucked instrument builders are free to enrol for a four year degree in musical instrument making and can qualify themselves at a technical college as a graduate musical instrument maker.